Supporting Students

Supporting Students

Four Corners Education (FCE) offers individual 1-2-1 support both faces 2 face and online, specialising in IB Diploma and Middle Years Programmes. FCE also offers support programmes for IGCSE and University consultation services.

IB DP Support programme:

Build success from working with highly experienced DP curriculum leaders and examiners. FCE has individualised face 2 face and online programmes for students studying Biology, Environmental Systems and Societies, Information Technology in a Global Society,and Geography as well as Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay. Also available using the FCE online platform is support for English Literature and Language and Literature.

IB MYP Support programme:

Developed not only to support  the MYP but also to lead students towards success in the IB DP in the future, the FCE MYP programmes are designed to support the IB continuum of education. Each students working with FCE will build not only subject knowledge and understanding but also transferable learning skills that are fundamental to success in the MYP.

Currently FCE offers Face 2 Face and online support for MYP Science and online support for MYP English First language.