Topic 2: Ecosystem and Ecology

Topic 2: Ecosystem and Ecology, is where we will look at the concepts of, Species and populations, Communities and ecosystems, Flows of energy and matter, Biomes, zonation and succession as well as how we Investige ecosystems.

We will

The examine the interactions of species with their environment and how these interaction drive energy and nutrient flows with the ecosystem. We will consider both Photosynthesis and respiration and the role they play within this.

These interactions can be viewed through the feeding relationships in the system and we will look at how ecologists have developed different models to describe these flows.

By studying Biomes, zonation and succession we will build a picture of how climate controls the distribution of major habitats across the planet. From this we will the look at both how these habitats can change in space and time.

Finally we will consider different ways of investigation these properties of ecosystems.

For a greater depth and coverage of this Topic also refer to youtube playlist below.