Topic 2.1: Species and Populations for IB ESS

A course is designed to support students studying the IB Environmental Systems and Societies course at Diploma Level.

This course covers Topic 2.1: Species and populations, where we will look at the concepts of  the species and populations and habitats. We will investigate the relationships between biotic and abiotic factor in the ecosystem as well as build an understanding of the niche and how that is defined by the resources available to each species. We will also examine the interactions involved in competition – predation, herbivory, parasitism, mutualism and disease.

From that foundation we will look at how these interactions describe the development of populations and the limits to population growth as carrying capacity.

Whilst this course is primarily focused at IB Diploma Environmental Systems and Societies, it is also useful for any High School students doing ecology, geography or environmental science.

The course is built to help students review and prepare for summative assessments in the subject as well as provide additional understanding, examples and ways of thinking about the course.

What do you already know?
12 questions
Species and Niche
Biotic and Abiotic
Ecological Communities
Case Study – Arctic Ecosystems
Using Statistics to Describe Populations
Using Statistics to Compare Populations

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